Direct Agent 5 Incorporated

About Us

DIRECT AGENT 5, INC. (DA5) is an authorized agent of Western Union in the Philippines. At present, DA5 has more than 400 business partners with more than 1,000 branches nationwide. It was established in 2006 by a group of companies and a cooperative whose primary goal is to provide additional business services to their existing clients and market. From a mere five business partners, the company has tripled its number within a year and has continuously multiplied to its current growing status. Awarded as one of the Top 3 performing agents of Western Union in 2014, the company has achieved its objective of being on top in terms of money remittance.

Become a DA5 Business Partner

Direct Agent 5, Inc. offers an array of business services for interested parties with existing business
establishment. At present, DA5 has a myriad of business partners engaged in diverse business
natures – from pawnshops to money changers and hardware stores, clinics, pharmacies, travel
agencies and computer shops, among others.